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R-Type(Clone) is an horizontal side-scroller shoot-em-up. The player can shoot regular bullets or charge a beam. The "force" power-up was also added in the game.

(I do not own the visual, audio or the game concept. It was made in an educational context with no intent of selling [I am aware of copyrights and intellectual proprety concepts, graphics were taken only to save time and I would not proceed this way in an official work context.)

Made with Unity engine 5.3

Current status : Complete first level.

Time: ~40 hours

Controls : WASD to move Space to fire Right Shift to Charge and Enter to activate the force object.

Published Jul 15, 2016
TagsShoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller

Install instructions

Download the file.


Either run the R-Type.exe from the build folder or open the sources folder with unity.


R-Type.zip 55 MB