A downloadable game

Peggle(Clone) is like the classic game in wich you have to break all the red pegs to beat the level. It uses a "custom game engine" we built in class using DirectX lib.

(I do not own the visual, audio or the game concept. It was made in an educational context with no intent of selling [I am aware of copyrights and intellectual proprety concepts, graphics were taken only to save time and I would not proceed this way in an official work context.)

Made with C++ using DirectX.

Current status : Complete first level.

Time: ~25 hours

Controls : Mouse to aim, click to shoot.

Install instructions

Download file.


It is best to put the 2 folders on desktop

Open "Peggle.sln" with visual studio from path : ProgII_TP1_E16_DavidRoyBrazeau

Run in X86 mode.

(You need both folder to be able to execute the game)


Peggle.zip 131 MB